Ricerca CERCA


Biogeography Based Optimization of the cooling system of the mirrors of the Gyrotron for nuclear fusion applications  MAHTEP
Characterization of the nuclear fuel cycle for Gen IV and fusion reactors in energy system optimization models  MAHTEP
Comparative analysis of several evolutionary algorithm used for the optimization of the cooling system of the Gyrotron cavity for nuclear fusion applications  MAHTEP
Cost assessment of power sector low-carbon technologies to comply with the targets of decarbonization strategies  MAHTEP
Design of a optimal cooling configuration of azimuthal mini-channels for the Gyrotron cavity  MAHTEP
Development and assessment of a Reference eMergy system for a Mediterranean island  MAHTEP
Development of GUI-based user-friendly interface for the an open-access software  SAVINO ALESSANDRO  DAUIN - GR-24 - SMILIES - reSilient coMputer archItectures and LIfE Sci  MAHTEP
Development of correlations for the heat losses from the receivers of modular CSP plants with central tower  MAHTEP
azienda TESI AZIENDA Development of home appliances models for energy consumption estimation  MAHTEP
Evaluation of technology-specific discount rates for “EU taxonomy for sustainable activities”-compliant energy scenarios  MAHTEP
Modeling and impact of minor industrial sectors (food and tobacco, textile, construction of industrial plants) and agriculture activities in the evolution of the Italian energy mix  MAHTEP
Modelling of heat transfer enhancement through TPMS realized by AM  MAHTEP
Numerical modelling of an enhanced solar parabolic trough collector using a novel turbulence promoter  MAHTEP
RANS simulations of forced convection to a liquid metal flowing in a non-uniformly heated tube  MAHTEP
Use of an ESOM to assess the Italian Long-term National Strategy in the light of the most recent targets included in the Next Generation EU and REPower EU framework  MAHTEP
Use of an ESOM to assess the Italian energy security (REPower EU Plan)  MAHTEP

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