Ricerca CERCA

Area Engineering


CFD analysis of the effects of surface roughness on performances of innovative heat exchangers realized with additive manufacturing processes  MAHTEP
CFD analysis of the effects of surface roughness on the thermal-hydraulic performances of solar receivers  MAHTEP
CFD analysis of the thermal-hydraulic performance of metal foams in the removal of high heat fluxes  MAHTEP
Characterization nuclear fission fuel cycle for GENIV reactors in bottom-up energy models  MAHTEP
Characterization of CCS and other sequestration techniques for bottom-up energy modeling  MAHTEP
azienda TESI AZIENDA Design of an experimental apparatus for the measurement of the thermal properties of insulations for cryogenic applications  MAHTEP
Design of an innovative compact heat exchanger manufactured with additive manufacturing processes  MAHTEP
Development and analysis of the effects of a Green Deal scenario (or other policy scenarios) in Italian and/or European energy forecasts  MAHTEP
Development and optimization of a novel internal fin system for CSP tubular receivers  MAHTEP
Development and validation of multi-physics models for the analysis of superconducting SMES  LAVIANO FRANCESCO  MAHTEP
Development and validation of numerical tools for Tritium Extraction Systems based on the Permeator Against Vacuum Technique for the next fusion machines  MAHTEP
Development of an open-source framework for eMergy assessment  MAHTEP
Development of correlations for the heat losses from the receivers of modular CSP plants with central tower  MAHTEP
azienda TESI AZIENDA Development of home appliances models for energy consumption estimation  MAHTEP
Experimental characterization of a new generation of HTS superconducting strands/tapes and analysis of their possible use in SMES or power cables  LAVIANO FRANCESCO  MAHTEP
Modeling and impact of minor industrial sectors (food and tobacco, textile, construction of industrial plants) and agriculture activities in the evolution of the Italian energy mix  MAHTEP
Numerical investigation of air injection in tubular CSP absorbers  MAHTEP
Numerical modelling of an enhanced solar parabolic trough collector using a novel turbulence promoter  MAHTEP

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