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03-Aerotermodinamica, Magnetofluidodinamica e dinamica dei plasmi

Sensor-Driven Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Hypersonic Flow Simulation


Reference persons DOMENIC D'AMBROSIO

Research Groups 03-Aerotermodinamica, Magnetofluidodinamica e dinamica dei plasmi


Description Adaptive mesh refinement plays a crucial role in numerically simulating hypersonic flows, optimizing both memory usage and CPU time. Hypersonic flows exhibit diverse length scales distributed across the flow field, necessitating accurate representation of features like shockwaves, strong expansions, boundary layers, and wakes. Mesh refinement becomes essential in regions where these phenomena occur, and in some instances, specialized resolution is required for the distribution of chemical species.

The proposed thesis aims to investigate various sensors based on fluid dynamic variables, capable of individually detecting the aforementioned flow features. Upon identifying the most suitable sensors, they will be employed to develop a mesh distribution function. This function will enable detailed discretization of the flow field only in areas where it is essential.

The student will commence with a comprehensive literature survey to understand existing methodologies. Subsequently, CFD simulations will be conducted on diverse 2D-axisymmetric geometries in the hypersonic regime to determine the optimal sensors for different flow features. Finally, the student will propose one or more mesh refinement functions, extending their application to 3D geometries.

Required skills The student should be familiar with aerodynamics. Attendance in courses related to Aerogasdinamics is preferable, and participation in courses such as “Computational Fluid Dynamics” and “Fluid Dynamics in Space Flight” or “Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics” is considered an added value. However, we welcome all students in the Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering, provided they are curious, proactive, and eager. Those interested in applying can email the proponent, attaching a CV that includes exam grades obtained so far. The thesis should have a minimum duration of four months and typically should not exceed six months. Completion of exams is not mandatory, but the student should not have more than two or three exams remaining (e.g., from the last semester). Nevertheless, timelines and procedures can be tailored based on the specific situation and individual needs.

Deadline 18/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA