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15-Modellazione, simulazione e controllo di velivoli

Accelerometer for space missions - INRiM

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons ANGELO LERRO

Research Groups 15-Modellazione, simulazione e controllo di velivoli

Description At INRIM a novel concept of accelerometer for space missions has been successfully demonstrated. The accelerometer consists in a spring-mass system equipped with an interferometric readout. The device is named LIG-A (Laser Interferometry Gauge-Accelerometer). In order to increase the TRL of LIG-A and to asses the ultimate performances in terms of sensitivity and noise, a dedicated space mission is under study. The activity proposed here is too participate to the preliminary study of the mission with particular attention to the the prototype engineering process. This includes mechanical design, finite element modelling, realization of the prototype and laboratory tests. The skills required of the candidate relate specifically to the finite element modelling phase with patran/nastran regarding the mechanical part and/or the modelling of the optical part with Zemax.

Deadline 16/11/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA