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15-Modellazione, simulazione e controllo di velivoli

Leonardo Elicotteri - Area Engineering - Product Engineering

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons MANUELA BATTIPEDE

Research Groups 15-Modellazione, simulazione e controllo di velivoli


Description Sono disponibili diversi argomenti:
-"Development of an automatic inspection tool based on scanning of three-dimensional shapes with non-contact techniques and H/C digital twin data" (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Development and validation of a dynamic/probabilistic method for the assessment of the trajectories of parts detached from rotorcraft (PDR)” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Computation of Helicopter Trajectory when flying in low resolution GPS areas” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Generating High Resolution 3D Maps in support of Aircraft Accident Investigation” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Virtual Flight Data Recorder” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Wheeled Landing Gear system evaluation and simulation” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Skid L/G system performance, simulation and certification” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-“A rational way to evaluate the impact of change in general Condition on A/C “ (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Selection of critical condition from a large amount of similar ones; validation of analytical methods in respect to AW rules” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)
-"Helicopters and Ship Integration: certification and design aspects” (Luogo: Cascina Costa)

Deadline 06/03/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA