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26- MUL2

Analysis and testing of advanced composite structures using DIC techniques  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
Assessment of micromechanical properties of PEKK polymer by means of nanoindentation tests at high temperatures  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
Attenuazione rumore in fusoliera tramite l'utilizzo di metamateriali  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Calculation of vibrational indexes for improving the cabin comfort  CINEFRA MARIA  GALVAGNO ENRICO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Characterisation of damping properties of metallic parts fabricated by means of Selective Laser Melting process  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Design of major cabin interiors of Regional aircrafts and Business Jet taking into account Human Factors  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Design of metamaterials for acoustic and vibrations absorption  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Development of aeroelastic parametric models and design of stick models for aircrafts  CARRERA ERASMO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
Generazione di load models per modelli aeroelastici dedicati al calcolo dei carichi basato su database CFD in sostituzione/correzione del database VLM.  CARRERA ERASMO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Measurement of the internal energy variation on metals under cyclic loading in tension and torsion in the macroscopic elastic domain  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Multiscuplinary Design of Innovative Rigid Airship for Superyatch in collaboration with Pininfarina  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA  PAGANI ALFONSO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
Simulation of submarine pipelines  CARRERA ERASMO  FILIPPI MATTEO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Usage of sensor and actuator piezo-patches for the active control of noise and vibrations in the fuselage  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA

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