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26- MUL2

Aeroelasticity of slender towers  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Aeroelasticity of suspension bridges  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Aeroservoelasticity of lifting surfaces  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Analysis and design of docking mechanisms for space applications  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Analysis of adhesive joints for composite structures applications  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Attenuazione rumore in fusoliera tramite l'utilizzo di metamateriali  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Calculation of vibrational indexes for improving the cabin comfort  CINEFRA MARIA  GALVAGNO ENRICO
Design and analysis of inflatable space modules  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Design of major cabin interiors of Regional aircrafts and Business Jet taking into account Human Factors  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Development of advanced finite elements for multi-field problems  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Evaluation and selection of beam models by genetic algorithms and exact solution of advanced theories  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Instability problems of reinforced light structures  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Multiscuplinary Design of Innovative Rigid Airship for Superyatch in collaboration with Pininfarina  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA  PAGANI ALFONSO  ZAPPINO ENRICO
Piezoelectric materials for the active control of noise and vibrations in aircraft cabin  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Simulation and analysis of space structures made by ''Additive Manufacturing''  CARRERA ERASMO  PAGANI ALFONSO
Thermo-mechanical analysis of innovative materials used in the cabin  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA
Usage of sensor and actuator piezo-patches for the active control of noise and vibrations in the fuselage  CARRERA ERASMO  CINEFRA MARIA

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