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28- biomedica

azienda TESI AZIENDA Antimicrobial (drug) resistance and drug discovery  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Computational Modeling of the Interaction Between short peptide sequences (PAL) and CSA protein to develop optimized cancer chemotherapy drug delivery  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Design and development of a load cell-based monitoring system to be integrated into a mechanical stretching bioreactor for tissue engineering application  MASSAI DIANA NADA CATERINA
Design of a gene therapy for Alzheimer's disease using superior stabilizing tubulin molecules  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  ONIDA BARBARA  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Design, prototype development and testing of an antibody-drug conjugate using a novel colchicine derivative  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
In Silico Model Development of Inhibitors of Protothecan Alpha-Tubulin for Agricultural Applications  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
In silico modeling of the structure of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 (PDK1) and search for metabolic modulators as a novel cancer therapy  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Nanoformulation of a novel chemotherapy agent for intended application for the therapy of pancreatic cancer patients  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Optimal decomposition of synergistic cores  DERIU MARCO AGOSTINO  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM
Topical formulation of a novel drug to treat gout and other inflammatory diseases of the joints.  TUSZYNSKI JACEK ADAM

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