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AA - LaTEST Laboratory for Theoretical and Experimental Superconducting Tunnel

Experimental study of unconventional superconductors by point-contact spectroscopy


Reference persons DARIO DAGHERO

Research Groups AA - LaTEST Laboratory for Theoretical and Experimental Superconducting Tunnel


Description Point-contact spectroscopy is one of the few methods that allow a direct determination of one of the fundamental characteristics of superconductors, i.e. the number, amplitude and symmetry of the energy gaps. The information it provides is of crucial importance to determine the possible mechanisms that lead to superconductivity in unconventional materials that do not obey the standard theory of superconductivity and, in particular, in those where the electron-electron interaction that leads to the formation of Cooper pairs is not mediated by phonons.
I propose therefore an experimental study (by means of electrical transport and point-contact spectroscopy measurements) of unconventional superconductors of present-day interest (non-centrosymmetric, iron-based and so on). The work requires, in addition to the experimental measurements, the analysis of the results by means of suitable simulations using models present in literature, possibly modified on purpose.

See also  https://arxiv.org/abs/0912.4858

Required skills Fundamentals of condensed matter physics and solid-state physics. Electromagnetics.

Deadline 25/03/2021      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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