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AA - MOLE (Molecular Engineering Lab)

Innovative Applications of Spray Freeze Drying in Continuous Probiotic Product Manufacturing

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons ROBERTO PISANO

Research Groups AA - MOLE (Molecular Engineering Lab)


Description The continuous manufacturing of probiotic products has garnered significant interest in recent years due to the growing demand for high-quality, stable, and viable probiotics. This proposal explores the utilization of an emerging technology, Spray Freeze Drying (SFD), as a groundbreaking method for achieving these goals. Spray Freeze Drying combines the advantages of traditional spray drying and freeze drying while overcoming their inherent limitations. In collaboration with a leading manufacturer of probiotics, this research aims to investigate the feasibility and potential benefits of implementing SFD in the continuous manufacturing of probiotic products. By assessing key parameters such as product stability, probiotic viability, and production efficiency, this study seeks to provide valuable insights into the practicality and advantages of this innovative approach. Ultimately, this research will contribute to advancing the field of probiotic manufacturing by presenting a novel and sustainable solution for the production of high-quality probiotic products in a continuous manufacturing setting.

Notes The project activities will be carried out at the research laboratories of a leading Italian company in the production of probiotics.

Deadline 08/09/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA