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Applied Electromagnetics

Radiocommunication and tracking of hypersonic crafts in atmospheric flight

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons GIUSEPPE VECCHI

External reference persons Andrea Scarabosio, Links Foundation

Research Groups Applied Electromagnetics


Description Hypersonic flight is the standard condition of atmospheric re-entry of various space vehicles, of proposed ultra-high speed commercial aircrafts, as well as of de-orbiting space debris, asteroids and meteors. In hypersonic conditions, the intense shock wave generates a plasma around the object that may significantly affect electromagnetic waves propagation across, or reflection from.
The most well know such effect is the degradation of the communication link from/to satellite for re-entry or space vehicles - known as black-out. To assess this issue, radio frequency (RF) wave propagation through complex media (such ionosphere, plasmas and complex gas mixtures) must be considered. Asymptotic techniques such as ray or beam tracing may be added to commercial tools to ease the computational burden necessary to predict the EM response for these large structures.

This thesis aims to develop and improve both physical model and numerics of the exiting tools in order to improve accuracy and range of applications for RF complex media propagation. The improved model will be applied in the analysis of communication link of real re-entry vehicle in earth or extra-terrestrial atmosphere.

See also  https://linksfoundation.com/en/work-with-us/thesis-proposals/

Notes The thesis work will be carried out at Links Foundation

Deadline 16/05/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA