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EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Fast transient analysis of system-level Power Delivery Networks


Research Groups EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Description This thesis project addresses the problem of transient simulation of system-level Power Distribution Networks (PDN) of multicore processing systems. In particular, we consider a post-layout Power Integrity verification problem where all system parts are finalized and a highly accurate transient verification is performed to ensure that voltage supply signals remain within prescribed bounds when the PDN is loaded by realistic current stimuli. Systems with tens of even hundreds of cores are considered, equipped with per-core local voltage stabilization, attained through Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVR) suitably controlled by sensing and feedback loops. Transient simulation of such system-level PDNs becomes particularly challenging when interconnect models or macromodels computed by electromagnetic solvers are embedded. Moreover, excitation of the PDN is described through non-linear and time-varying conductance models which, combined with the above description, may lead to lack of convergence in state-of-the-art SPICE solvers. This thesis will build on a preexisting formulation and numerical code for system-level numerical PDN solution, by investigating efficient solutions for the inclusion of such load models. The main developments will have to preserve efficiency and scalability (e.g. through parallel code implementation for multithread computing hardware) to future high-end computing and AI systems.

Required skills Basic knowledge of numerical analysis. Good programming skills, Matlab language. Interest and skill in applied mathematics.

Deadline 18/03/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA