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Flow Control

Propeller-on-Propeller interaction at various operating conditions

Reference persons GIOACCHINO CAFIERO

External reference persons Paolo Comunian

Research Groups Flow Control

Description Current developments in innovative air mobility concepts have renewed the interest in rotating blades. Applications like drones are the object of research in this regard. Drones'
propellers operate in a transitional regime and may often experience a strong cross-flow. Such challenging conditions make the performance and the wake flow field dynamics difficult to accurately predict or simulate with computational methods. The phenomenology becomes even more complex when there is a strong interaction between propellers, due to them being placed close to each other. An experimental approach becomes necessary to study this phenomenon properly.
Following a thorough literature survey, the student will identify the main characteristics of propeller-on-propeller interaction. The candidate will then actively participate in developing and constructing an experimental setup. The interaction between propellers will then be experimentally studied using force and torque measurements together with
flow field measurements, that may be conducted with techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Hot Wire Anemometry (HWA).

See also  thesis_propeller_on_propeller_interaction.pdf 

Deadline 28/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA