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Gestione della conoscenza nello sviluppo prodotto/processo

Monitoring production processes in Industry 4.0

keywords INDUSTRY 4.0, IIOT, MES, ERP

Reference persons PAOLO CHIABERT

Research Groups Gestione della conoscenza nello sviluppo prodotto/processo


Description . The industry 4.0 paradigm and its 9 enabling technologies focus the attention of manufacturing companies on measuring industrial processes in order to obtain data which, properly processed, provide the information necessary for correct and proactive resource management.
The large number of measurable variables imposes a careful assessment in terms of observability, usability and accuracy of the measurements as well as the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the identification and measurement process.
It is therefore interesting to evaluate the availability of general models for monitoring industrial variables that allow, for each device inserted in the manufacturing process, the rapid characterization of measurement methods and instruments.
The aim of the thesis is the proposal of a monitoring model general enough to be able to monitor a wide variety of industrial devices by transferring the information into the Manufacturing Execution Systems and the Enterprise Resources Planning systems.

Deadline 06/03/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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