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Low frequency measurement group

Software application for the management and the measurement acquisition of instruments installed on the primary humid gas generators

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons ALESSIO CARULLO

External reference persons Denis Smorgon (responsabile del laboratorio di igrometria presso I.N.Ri.M.)

Research Groups Low frequency measurement group


Description The thesis activity will be carried out at the hygrometric primary laboratory at National Institute of Metrological Research (I.N.Ri.M.).
The measurement facility of the primary humid gas generators has a very complex architecture that includes many devices and measurement instruments, such as thermostatic baths, gas pumps, pump controllers, PID controllers, digital multimeters, resistive bridges, pressure and flow sensors, and temperature sensors. The system that is actually in use at I.N.Ri.M. is managed through a software application in the Visual Basic environment.
The candidate will define the specifications of a new software application and will develop the application in the LabView environment, maintaining the same functionality of the old application and allowing the integration of new measurement devices and actuators. The activity will be led by the head of the laboratory.

Main activities:
description of the functionalities of the existing application and definition of the requirements of the new software application;
development and verification of the new software application in the LabView environment;
drafting of a technical description of the new software application;
validation of the new software application.

Deadline 30/06/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA