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Low frequency measurement group

Definition of a procedure for testing PV-system arc-fault detectors according to the international standard IEC 63027

azienda Thesis in external company    


External reference persons Marco Piva, Mario Comboni (TUV Rheinland)

Research Groups Low frequency measurement group

Description The larger risk for PhotoVoltaic (PV) systems comes from series arcs, therefore the focus of IEC (International Electrical Committee) is to provide requirements for Arc-fault protection equipment to reduce the risk of igniting an electrical fire. Many Arc-fault detectors detect arcs by analyzing and comparing the arcís HF signal emission; the aim of these devices is to ensure that most series arcs in a PV system will be detected.
The International Standard IEC 63027 provides a product certification path for PV system arc-fault detectors and a range of test setups to cover the expected system topologies (finial draft of the standard has started to circulate from Jan 2023).
The goal of the thesis is to develop and validate the procedure to test arc-fault protection devices according to the International Standard IEC 63027.
The solution shall also include evaluation of uncertainty and repeatability of test method, and calibration of testing equipment.

Required skills Electrical and electronic circuits, measurement principles

Notes The thesis shall be carried at TUV Rheinland Italia laboratories, which are located in Pogliano Milanese (MI).
A typical duration of 6 months is foreseen for this thesis activity.

Deadline 03/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA