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Process data acquisition in electrical treatment of lithium-ion batteries

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons PAOLO GUGLIELMI

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Research Groups PEEMD


Description Electrochemical energy storage represents one of the main research lines worldwide, above all driven by the growing number of electric vehicles, the relentlessly increasing number of mobile electronic devices and the current energy transition. All this is requiring the birth of gigafactories for the production of lithium batteries: for this reason, Europe needs people skilled as “Battery engineers”. This thesis will provide a unique opportunity for training at the heart of one of the most ambitious European battery manufacturing projects.
Our research group at POLITO and Automotive Cells Company (ACC, France) are collaborating towards the achievements of important challenges in the field. In particular, this MSc thesis proposal will be focused on electrical treatment in the batterie production and the end of line testing. The work will include the acquisition and the analysis of measurement data on different product levels: sub-component, component and full product. Further, hands on work will be required, interacting with electrical and other testing equipment, analysis of data large quantity of data and the presentation and interpretation of the results. The activity will be carried out in ACC company

Required skills Anyone interested in this thesis proposal must meet these requirements:
- Having completed lessons to be followed in-person at POLITO;
- Average score of passed exams must be higher than 26/30;
- Ability to work in a team;
- Self-driven work, good autonomy;
- Data analysis and/or coding in MATLAB, Python or similar languages
- Analytical thinking and knowing how to present the results (graphs, slides, reports)

Notes The activity described in this thesis proposal will be carried out in ACC company, which is located at Bruges near Bordeaux.
Interested students must contact the indicated Professor at POLITO, who will be in charge of organizing a call with ACC to discuss together the period abroad, its schedule and the activity to be carried out.
The student must pass a period of 6 full months in ACC.
As regards travelling, staying and salary, ACC will guarantee an economical support

Deadline 10/03/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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