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Telecommunication Networks Group

Green Data Centers

Riferimenti MICHELA MEO

Riferimenti esterni Daniela Renga, DET

Gruppi di ricerca Telecommunication Networks Group

Descrizione The research investigates techniques and solutions to make the data centers and the cloud infrastructures more energy efficient.
The solutions of interest are based on proper load allocation and load migration in a federation of data centers so as to adapt to the availability of energy and its cost.
In particular, starting from a simulator already developed (in Java) the thesis will consider
- the design of algorithms for load allocation and migration based on VM profiling (i.e., VM computational and storage requirements)
- the improvement of algorithms to adapt to the presence of several sites

Conoscenze richieste - Java language
- Simulation

Note An average exam score of at least 27 is requested.

Scadenza validita proposta 25/01/2022      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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