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Analysis of an innovative biogas purification system at ACDA Cuneo WWTP

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons MARTA GANDIGLIO

Research Groups steps-denerg

Description Analysis of an innovative biological purification system of biogas from H2S at ACDA Cuneo treatment plant.
Thesis to be carried out, in part, at the ACDA treatment plant in Cuneo.
Support for the preparation of the biological medium at Envipark.
Supervision of the start-up of the prototype plant for the biological purification of biogas from H2S, created within the regional Biofidi project.
Data collection and analysis to evaluate that it will operate for about 2 months, and comparison with traditional solution for H2S performance.
Activities starting from mid-late October 2022.

Deadline 20/09/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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