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Offshore hydrogen production from renewable sources in the Mediterranean Sea


Riferimenti esterni Alberto Ghigo, Riccardo Novo (DIMEAS)
Paolo Marocco (DENERG)

Gruppi di ricerca steps-denerg

Descrizione Supervisors:
- DIMEAS (G. Bracco, A. Ghigo, R. Novo)
- DENERG (M. Gandiglio, P. Marocco)
Level: Masterís degree
The work aims at analysing the case study of hydrogen production from offshore renewable sources (to be defined among: bottom-fixed and floating wind, floating PV, wave/tidal?). The case study will be a hydrogen hub in the Mediterranean Sea which will produce hydrogen from offshore RES and use it for stationary (remote communities and industries) and transport (shipping/mobility) applications.
The work will consist of the following steps:
- Definition of the area of interest for the analysis (hub location, connected areas for RES and connected end-users).
- Evaluation of the potential of electricity production from RES based on existing data on the availability of renewable sources.
- Evaluation of the hydrogen demand including: power supply to local remote/off-grid communities (islands), hydrogen supply to industrial users (if any) and hydrogen supply for transport purposes (ships/heavy duty vehicles).
- Definition of the possible plant layouts and energy transport methods (based on the results of a previous review thesis work). Different scenarios will be defined and evaluated.
- Techno-economic analysis of the above-mentioned scenarios for the hydrogen hub.
- Existing IT project on offshore H2 production: https://www.agnespower.com

Conoscenze richieste Requirements: autonomy, proactiveness. Good knowledge of English (thesis to be written in English)

Scadenza validita proposta 23/12/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA