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EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Fitting topologico: algoritmi per l'estrazione automatica di circuiti equivalenti di componenti passivi


Gruppi di ricerca EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Descrizione The main objective of this work is the realisation of a gray-box modeling technique for obtaining physical models of electrical components, starting from real or virtual measured responses. These models are obtained through topological fitting, thus yielding equivalent electrical circuit models with guaranteed stability and passivity. The algorithm to be developed finds the values of the circuit elements given an initial description of the circuit, such that the resulting model fits the frequency domain measurements provided for the system. Moreover, in case the circuit is incomplete, the algorithm extends it by refining model topology (adding series or shunt elements, and other ad hoc topology enhancements) and iteratively recomputes the values of the elements, until a good match is attained. This thesis is motivated by modeling requests from several industry partners, who provided and will provide measured data of critical components for which good electrical models are missing.

Scadenza validita proposta 08/02/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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