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AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites

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Improved interfaces and innovative joining strategies for high-pressure solid oxide electrolyzer integration

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Riferimenti esterni Zanchi Elisa

Gruppi di ricerca AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites


Descrizione A stable and durable SOEC operation at high pressure has the potential to provide a cost-effective solution for hydrogen production in the industrial and transport sectors. The main goal of the HyP3D EU-funded project is to deliver a new generation of ultra-compact high-pressure standalone SOEC stacks.
Reaching this goal is unquestionably related to the high-pressure resistant joining and integration strategies when considering metallic, ceramic, and glass-based sealing interfaces. The engineering of the interfaces between ceramic and metallic materials is crucial when considering the different stress conditions in the pressurized SOEC stack. A proper surface modification of joining parts, laser machining in metallic interconnect, and 3D printing of the ceramic YSZ electrolytes, can improve dissimilar materials' interlocking mechanism, thus increasing the joined structure's shear strength and adhesion. Recent advances in the framework of the HyP3D project, related to novel laser surface modification strategies to enhance the glass-to-metal sealing mechanical robustness, are presented and discussed.

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