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GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Tesi al Politecnico

A VR-based recommender system for educational material in the Metaverse  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Enhancing museum accessibility for ASD users in Virtual Reality by anticipation  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Enhancing non-verbal communication in Social VR environments through body movement mimicry  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Experiencing past events through an eXtended Reality application for the Metaverse  CANNAVO' ALBERTO  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Haptics in eXtended Reality experiences and Human-Robot Interaction  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Investigating the effect of habituation on susceptibility to cybersickness in Virtual Reality  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Mixed Reality for conveying defects information to production line operators  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
On-demand haptic feedback using collaborative robots for VR simulation of manual tasks in industrial processes  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
The future of education: Evaluating Metaverse platforms for virtual learning experiences  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Using Large Language Models to support hands-free locomotion in Virtual Reality  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
Using eXtended Reality to support the cinema industry  CANNAVO' ALBERTO  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
XR for training emergency medical personnel in invasive procedures  CANNAVO' ALBERTO  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
eXtended Reality technologies for Computer Animation  CANNAVO' ALBERTO  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO
eXtended Reality, interaction metaphors and gamification elements for co-located, collaborative design tasks  LAMBERTI FABRIZIO