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Control of vehicle platooning via network based and distributed control solutions

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Riferimenti esterni Prof Aldo Sorniotti (university of Surrey, UK)
Ing Pietro Stano (university of Surrey, UK)

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Descrizione Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVS) enable cooperative manoeuvring where a group of CAVs plan and execute together a set manoeuvers with the aim to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions while increasing safety and comfort. A typical example of cooperative manoeuvring is vehicle platooning where a set of consecutive CAVs share information with the aim to travel at the same velocity of the platoon leader (i.e., the first vehicle in the fleet) while the inter-vehicular gap between consecutive vehicles is tightly controlled. From a system and control viewpoint a platoon of CAVs can be represented as a set of dynamical systems interacting over a network structure and the control aim can be formulated as the synchronisation of the states of each vehicle (i.e., node of the network) to the state of the leader vehicle (i.e., synchronisation/pinning control of a complex network). Hence, the aim of the project is to study and implement in Matlab/Simulink advanced techniques for synchronising complex network which have the potential to be extended and applied to vehicle platooning. The network control algorithms of the interest for the project should also have one or more of the following proprieties (i) robust to network imperfections, such as time delays and packet drops, (ii) robust to uncertainties of the system modelling, (ii) handle system nonlinearities and variations of dynamics among the nodes of the network (heterogeneous complex networks).

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Conoscenze richieste -MATLAB & Simulink programming
-Knowledge in control systems design in the state space domain and their implementation in MatLab/Simulink
- Proactivity

Scadenza validita proposta 17/02/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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