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Theses at Politecnico

"Proof of location" based on blockchains  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA  GIACCONE PAOLO
5G for automotive applications  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA
Advanced methods for traffic control in data centers  BIANCO ANDREA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Cellular Networks and Machine Learning  MEO MICHELA  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES
Characterisation and analysis of car sharing utilization in Smart Cities  GIORDANO DANILO  MELLIA MARCO  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES  SmartData@PoliTO
Dataplane-assisted Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for 5G networks  BIANCO ANDREA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Deign of optical networks with multicore fibers  BIANCO ANDREA  ROTTONDI CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITA
Machine learning aided quality of transission estimation in optical networks  BIANCO ANDREA
Machine learning for predictive maintenance  MELLIA MARCO  MEO MICHELA  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES  SmartData@PoliTO
Photonic technologies for optical switching architectures in data center  BIANCO ANDREA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Prediction of real-time musical interactions in networked music performance  BIANCO ANDREA  ROTTONDI CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITA
Renewable Energy, Machine Learning  MEO MICHELA  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES
Routing and Spectrum Assignment (RSA) and defragmentation algorithms for Elastic Optical Networking  BIANCO ANDREA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Social Network Impact in Real Life  GIORDANO DANILO  MELLIA MARCO  SmartData@PoliTO
Supporting virtual and augmented reality for passengers using 5G technology  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA
Vehicular Traffic modelling from Car Sharing Data  GIORDANO DANILO  MELLIA MARCO  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES  SmartData@PoliTO

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