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Theses at Politecnico

A distributed game engine for cloud gaming  GIACCONE PAOLO
Algorithm design for VNF migration in 5G edge clouds  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Analysis and optimization of performance of the Virtual Classroom platform for e-learning  MELLIA MARCO  TREVISAN MARTINO  CCNE - COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTER NETWORKS ENGINEERING  ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES  SmartData@PoliTO
Analysis of 6G networks that integrate aerial platforms  MEO MICHELA
Analysis of cellular networks with mobile BSs on board of UAVs  MEO MICHELA
Characterization of energy need of Machine Learning algorithms  MEO MICHELA
Clustering webpages for realistic experiments  GIORDANO DANILO  TREVISAN MARTINO  VASSIO LUCA  SmartData@PoliTO
Connected vehicles: distributed machine learning in the vehicle-edge-cloud continuum  CASETTI CLAUDIO ETTORE  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA
Data-driven Optimization of Public Transportation in Smart Cities  VASSIO LUCA  SmartData@PoliTO
Design of optical networks with multicore fibers  BIANCO ANDREA  ROTTONDI CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITA
Experimenting VNF migration in 5G edge clouds  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA  GIACCONE PAOLO
Green Data Centers  MEO MICHELA
Implementing cloud gaming with a distributed computing platform  GIACCONE PAOLO
Machine Learning for Quality of Experience of video-conference tools  GARZA PAOLO  MEO MICHELA
Machine learning aided quality of transission estimation in optical networks  BIANCO ANDREA
Machine learning techniques for collective behavior identification  MELLIA MARCO  VASSIO LUCA  SmartData@PoliTO
Modeling Online Social Networks Interactions  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA  LEONARDI EMILIO  VASSIO LUCA  SmartData@PoliTO
Outliers and Anomaly Detection in Online Social Networks  MELLIA MARCO  TREVISAN MARTINO  VASSIO LUCA  SmartData@PoliTO
Prediction of real-time musical interactions in networked music performance  BIANCO ANDREA  ROTTONDI CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITA
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO V-Edge: virtual edge for distributed machine learning at the network edge  CASETTI CLAUDIO ETTORE  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA

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