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Management engineering aspects in the social media world


Reference persons FEDERICO BELLA

Research Groups Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO

Description The subject of the thesis title concerns an extremely in-vogue sector, characterized by managerial aspects and transversal skills.
The student will have to propose the study of one or more cases (VIP or companies) in the world of social media, collecting data, analyzing them and proposing management strategies of the world surrounding a social account.
The student must be in possess of one of these two requirements:
- Having worked/Working in a company (of any size) that is willing to share information about the use of social media for its own commercial purposes;
- Being/Knowing an influencer, with the willingness to share what is reported in the previous line.

Required skills Management engineering, basics of economics, ability to write in Italian/English in an appropriate and scientifically solid way.

Deadline 29/10/2022      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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