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Design of injectable in situ crosslinkable hydrogels for drug delivery applications in the tissue engineering/regenerative medicine field


Reference persons GIANLUCA CIARDELLI

Research Groups 05-Bioingegneria Industriale


Description This thesis work aims to the design and characterization of injectable hydrogels able to undergo an in situ crosslinking reaction through Schiff base reaction. The developed formulations will be tested as drug carriers of different therapeutic agents for the treatment of many pathological conditions as well as for regenerative medicine.
The thesis work will be first focused on the synthesis and characterization of a water-soluble polyurethane with high molecular weight and bearing a huge amount of pendant primary amino groups. In parallel, a low molecular weight poly(ethylene glycol) will be functionalized with terminal aldehyde groups, which will participate to the gel network formation. Hydrogels will be then designed by mixing the two synthesized polymers and thoroughly characterized for their physico-chemical, rheological and biological properties. Injectability and capability to load and release drugs/biomolecules will also be tested. In detail, with the aim to demonstrate the huge potential of the developed hydrogel platform, formulations will be loaded with different therapeutic agents (hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs, proteins) and their release profile will be evaluated.

See also  proposta tesi idrogeli iniettabili_finale 15 01 2022.pdf 

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