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Serious games and virtual/augmented reality for emergency management

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons FABRIZIO LAMBERTI

Research Groups GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Description Several collaborations are in place with various institutions (Italian Airforce, Piedmont Region Civil Protection and Forest Firefighting Unit, Frejus Tunnel Authority, Fire and Rescue Department of the Savoy Region, France, etc.) involved in emergency management. In this context, a number of serious games and interactive experiences leveraging Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality have been developed to support education and training of first responders, volunteers, students, etc.

Three thesis proposals are available, to be developed mostly at Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with the said institutions.

1) The first thesis proposal aims at extending several previous thesis works that have created a prototype strategic planning and debriefing tool for forest firefighting based on a sand table. The prototype already combines a fire simulator with AR projection and mobile app-based interaction. Planned extension envisage, e.g., the integration of depth scan reconstruction of the sand construction, and the use of wearable AR headsets (HoloLens) for collaborative discussion.

2) The second thesis's gol is to build a multi-layer, multi-player training tool by integrating a series of previously-developed interactive experiences. For instance, immersive VR-based applications for training on the use of low-flame firefighting tools or high-pressure pumping equipment have been created already. The idea would be to make it possible for decision makers to see the effects of various teams operating in such applications from a kind of centralized control room.

3) The third thesis will focus on the evolution of a VR game based on a "travel-in-time" dynamics created to teach middle school students the correct procedures to follow in emergency situations. So far, hydrogeological risks (precisely floods) have been addressed. Other risks will be considered now.

In all the thesis works, experiments with end-users will be carried out to validate the effectiveness of devised solutions.

See also  http://grains.polito.it/work.php

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