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Modelling, estimation and control functionalities for scaled fully autonomous vehicles

estero Thesis abroad



External reference persons Prof Aldo Sorniotti (university of Surrey, UK)
Ing Pietro Stano (university of Surrey, UK)

Research Groups Meccanica del Veicolo


Description This project will be developed within the Multi-Agent and Networked Autonomous Systems Lab (Fig. 1) available at the University of Surrey (School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences). This Lab includes 3 QCars [1], which are scaled fully autonomous vehicles equipped with drive-by-wire systems, advanced sensors (e.g., LiDAR, 4 Cameras and an RGBD camera), and an onboard NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board for executing control and estimation functionalities, see also Fig 2a. The three QCars also communicate with the ground station (i.e., a powerful server equipped with “Self-Driving Car Research Studio” [2]), thus allowing also the possibility of implementing cooperative driving scenarios, such as vehicle platooning. The target of the project is to design and experimentally validate vehicle models (e.g., point mass models, and bicycle models) and estimators for the vehicle states (e.g., sideslip angle) along with software functionalities required for the design and development of autonomous driving tasks (e.g., vehicle platooning, path planning and path tracking). Moreover, during the project there will be the possibility to investigate the potential use of mixed reality scenarios (see also Fig 2b) enabled by Quanser software [3], where the physical QCars interact with virtual Cars in virtual driving environments.

See also  call_for_thesis_usurrey_scenario.pdf 

Required skills -MATLAB & Simulink programming
- Vehicle Modelling
- Familiar with estimation techniques and control design in the state space domain
- Python, ROS and Gazebo (Basic Knowledge)
- Experience with sensors, such as IMU, cameras and LiDAR, ability to program mechatronic systems, and Lab experiences are auspicable but not strictly essential
- Proactivity

Notes Additional information:
Considering the large variety of activities that can be carried out within the Lab, also two students can be considered for this project. Students will develop complementary functionalities for the QCars and their control. For this project, outstanding students are expected. The project will be developed through a visting period at the University of Surrey.

Deadline 17/02/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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