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Digital Twins for full-field monitoring in vibration control applications

azienda Thesis in external company    estero Thesis abroad


Reference persons ALFONSO PAGANI

External reference persons Alberto Garcia de Miguel, Mattia Dal Borgo

Research Groups 26- MUL2

Description Vibration control testing is of paramount importance in the qualification campaign of aerospace components. However, the evaluation of the dynamic responses is restricted to the information provided by a limited number of physical sensors installed in the structure under test. The introduction of Digital Twins for vibration control aims at extending the test data by combining the physical responses with virtual solutions obtained from refined multi-physics models, allowing test engineers to inspect the structure in locations that are not instrumented.

The student will perform numerical and experimental analyses on a small-scale shaker platform available in our facilities at Leuven. She/he will investigate different methodologies to correlate the simulation and experimental data onsite, as well as new techniques to improve the model
- Generate multi-physics models of the test plant including shaker response, test rig dynamics and structural specimen coupling.
- Perform open and close-loop vibration tests to identify the system responses and correlate them against the simulation model.
- Investigate different Model Order Reduction methods to compress the simulation model and update the virtual solutions, e.g. machine learning, modal models,
- Evaluate full-field solutions obtained during the control test

See also  thesis_proposal_mimo_virtualshaker.pdf 

Deadline 31/03/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA