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Experiencing past events through extended reality experiences in the Metaverse



External reference persons Alessandro Visconti

Research Groups GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Description Extended reality applications are getting commonplace in several domains, ranging from entertainment to education. Moreover, the increasing interest in the Metaverse is attracting, more and more, the attention of researchers and companies. In the Metaverse, different communities can meet each other, with the aim of exchanging ideas or knowledge and working together on a given task. But what happens if someone missed an online event held in the recent past, or is interested in meeting people who lived in the previous century, etc.?

The aim of this thesis is to develop an extended reality-based system giving users the possibility to experience seamless physical events even though they happened in the past. In this way, when attendance is or was not possible, the system will be able to capture and reconstruct co-located or remote interactions, both physical and virtual, thus allowing immersed users to revisit them at a suitable time. Intelligent systems could be leveraged to make famous people get alive or reconstruct historical events, with the aim of making them available in the Metaverse.

This capability of a system to reconstruct interactions and events is generally referred to as “asynchronous reality”. The system will also allow users to transition along the reality-virtuality continuum and collaborate with other users living the same experience through different technologies. In this way, the benefits of both virtual and augmented reality can be leveraged in the same application. Developing such kind of asynchronous- and cross-reality systems is usually characterized by numerous challenges, which will be addressed in this thesis. The outcomes of this research could be applied to different use cases, such as education and training, cultural heritage, entertainment, sport, etc.

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