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Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Conversational Agent for an Accounting Firm

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons LUCA ARDITO

External reference persons FABIO DEL FIACCO



Description Technological innovation is transforming the way businesses and professionals deliver their services. In the tax and accounting consulting services field, conversational agents, commonly known as chatbots, can improve efficiency and user experience. This thesis proposal aims to develop a conversational agent for an accounting firm that answers the most common questions from clients, using an open-source model and training it with specific documents. Furthermore, the model will be evaluated, and a simple web service will be developed.

- Preliminary study of the domain and needs of the accounting firm.
- Review of literature and existing solutions in the field of conversational agents.
- Selection of the open-source model and necessary technologies for implementation.
- Collection and preparation of specific documents, including text pre-processing and creating a dataset for training.
- Training the model and optimising parameters to improve performance.
- Evaluation of the conversational agent's performance through qualitative and quantitative tests.
- Development of the web service using modern web technologies and appropriate frameworks.
- Implementation of the chatbot in the web service and integration testing.
- Collection of user feedback and improvement of the conversational agent and web service.

The thesis will conclude with a comprehensive analysis of the results obtained, highlighting the main contributions to creating and evaluating the conversational agent and the developed web service. The practical implications of introducing a chatbot in an accounting firm will be discussed, as well as the potential opportunities and future challenges related to adopting conversational agents and other artificial intelligence technologies in the field of tax and accounting consulting services. Lastly, the potential ethical and regulatory impact of the spread of conversational agents in this sector will be discussed, with particular attention to the protection of personal data and the legal responsibility of the information provided by the conversational agent.

Required skills Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering
Web Development

Deadline 16/04/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA