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Application of Game Theory techniques for the optimal design of energy production and storage systems within Renewable Energy Communities


Reference persons PAOLO LAZZERONI

Description Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) are a cornerstone of the ongoing energy transition, promoting local renewable energy generation and collective consumption among citizens and communities. As the number of stakeholders grows, designing these systems requires analysing diverse perspectives, encompassing technical, environmental, and economic considerations. These often lead to contrasting objectives, thus needing a multi-criteria assessment.
However, due to the inherent complexity of these systems, traditional approaches may fall short, hence the need to explore new approaches to solve the problem. Therefore, this thesis seeks to assess the application of Game Theory techniques in the multi-objective optimisation of RECs, where the various stakeholders can be seen as players in a game, thereby facilitating the discovery of compromise solutions that balance technical, environmental, and economic considerations.
Building on a set of tools and codes already available and developed within the research group, the candidate will be required to assess the feasibility of these techniques in the design optimisation of RECs. Familiarity with Python (or other programming languages) is strongly advised to use and further develop these tools.

Deadline 25/09/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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