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Demand management strategies within renewable energy communities


Reference persons PAOLO LAZZERONI

Description Decarbonization of energy consumption is one of the pillars of the future energy transition with lower carbon footprint. In this context, Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) play a key role in the development of a society based on the self-consumption of local energy production from renewable sources. However, the exploitation of intermittent Renewable Energy Sources can be improved through the use of energy storage systems as well as the adoption of load management (Demand Management) strategies: in both cases, the goal is to reduce the mismatch between the demand and the energy production.
Hence, this thesis seeks to evaluate, in the context of CERs, the application of Demand Management strategies based on optimization techniques in order to identify their impact both from the economic and environmental point of view, taking into account the discomfort effects of community members. To do this, an analysis of end-user load profiles is necessary to define demand scenarios also using stochastic models (e.g., Markov Chain).
Familiarity with Python (or other programming languages) is strongly recommended to develop analysis and simulations.

Deadline 04/04/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA