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Test automation for an enterprise VR (Virtual Reality) CMS and VR streaming platform

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons RICCARDO COPPOLA

External reference persons Edgar Pironti - innoactive.io


Thesis type INDUSTRY

Description This thesis proposal focuses on the study and development of an innovative testing automation approach to enhance the stability and reliability of an enterprise VR Content Management System and VR streaming platform. The encompassed components include a web platform, Android VR clients, and AWS services for cloud orchestration and rendering.

The primary objective is to develop a Unity VR application capable of providing feedback on streaming performances and expected platform behavior. With a bottom-up approach in mind, the study will then focus on how applications are launched from both Android VR clients and web browsers and how this process can be automated for testing purposes.

The thesis involves a review of the current state of the art of testing automation in VR, exploring innovative approaches on how to address human interaction challenges, such as: simulating wearing VR headsets from various manufacturers (Meta, HTC, Pico), incorporating head movements and hand interactions with controllers. A prototype, constructed using Lego components, may aid in demonstrating the feasibility of these simulations.

The research will explore the potential challenges to achieve a complete end-to-end testing automation solution for the entire platform, considering the typical user journey. Both traditional tools (Windows Forms, Selenium) and cutting-edge solutions (such as leveraging OpenAI) will be explored to assess their efficacy in addressing these challenges.

This thesis aspires to contribute not only to the domain of VR testing but also to the broader field of enterprise-level content management systems and streaming platforms by introducing innovative testing automation methodologies.

The thesis will be conducted remotely in collaboration with innoactive.io (industrial mentor: Dr. Edgar Pironti)

Required skills mandatory soft skills: English proficiency, Ability to work remotely, Good internet connection (more than 50Mbps download)

technical optional skills: Unity, C#, Software testing.

Nice to have: OpenAI, Selenium, Lego passion

Deadline 31/12/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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