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Towards the digitalization of municipal elections

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons LUIGI DE RUSSIS

Research Groups DAUIN - GR-10 - Intelligent and Interactive Systems - e-LITE


Description Various platforms nowadays allow for voting and the subsequent counting of votes. One of these is Eleweb, a comprehensive platform that integrates the entire pre and post-election process for regions, municipalities, and other public and private entities that elect their representatives.
The activities preceding the voting and counting, which are part of the operations carried out by the entities before using Eleweb, are performed by designated offices called Electoral District Commissions. These commissions conduct checks on regulatory acts, simultaneously updating the relevant electoral lists. The Electoral District Commission also assesses appeals filed against the decisions of Electoral Officers and checks the admissibility of lists and political parties running for elections, formalizing their candidates, the order of the list, logos, and related appeals.

Currently, throughout Italy, the operational activities of these offices involve a high degree of manual work and the execution of offline operations by the assigned personnel. These activities are susceptible to human errors and delays in the delivery of reports. A "technological disruption" in this area could be beneficial in the country's digitization process.

The thesis's objective is therefore to study and develop a completely new tool with a flexible and adaptable interface, applying state-of-the-art User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) methods and methodologies to enhance interaction between the user and the tool. The solutions will need to be tested with load stress tests to highlight the best choices in terms of efficiency and effectiveness between front-end and back-end. The tool has already attracted interest from several Italian municipalities; therefore, the company will connect the student with municipal users for conducting tests.

See also  progetto cecir-proposte di tesi di laurea -sviluppo sistema gestionale per le commissioni elettorali circondariali dei comuni italiani-lm-v01.pdf 

Required skills Excellent knowledge in responsive web development (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React). Knowledge of the PHP language is a plus.
Data handling on relational databases (PostgreSQL).
Interest in the regulatory aspects of public administration.

Deadline 16/04/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA