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Mesoporous Silica-based Biosensors for Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Screening


Reference persons MARCO PIUMETTI


Description Alzheimer's Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the accumulation of amyloid-beta peptides, leading to cognitive decline. Current research focuses on inhibiting the BACE1 enzyme responsible for the production of these peptides. However, screening for effective BACE1 inhibitors is challenged by the need for efficient and cost-effective methods.
This thesis aims to develop a prototype biosensor using BACE1 enzyme immobilized on mesoporous silica supports for the rapid screening of anti-Alzheimer’s drugs. The project seeks to optimize the immobilization process to enhance enzyme stability and allow for the repeated use of the biosensor, reducing screening costs and time. The project will involve identifying optimal conditions for BACE1 activity, selecting suitable mesoporous silica supports, and developing effective immobilization strategies. The performance of the biosensor will be evaluated through its ability to screen BACE1 inhibitors, focusing on stability and reusability.
By facilitating the rapid and cost-effective screening of potential therapeutic agents against AD, this biosensor aims to accelerate the discovery of effective treatments, addressing a crucial need in the fight against this debilitating disease.

Deadline 25/03/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA