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Energy Efficient Networks

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Descrizione The scientific focus of the research concerns Energy-Efficient Networks, or green networks, i.e., networks that are designed and operated with the goal of low power consumption, without sacrificing the traditional performance parameters.

The motivation for green networks is that one of the crucial challenges that mankind is facing today is the need for a drastic and pervasive change in people lifestyle, industrial production, and use of services, so as to effectively reduce the risks related to climate modifications and earth resources shortage. Industries will be induced to optimize energy use, reduce wastage, look for alternative energy sources, partially by means of laws and rules enforced by governments and international organizations, partially by having to cope with energy cost increase and with a market becoming more and more sensitive to ecological issues.

In particular, telecommunication operators, that consume huge amounts of energy, will have to partially redesign their technologies with the objective of reducing energy consumption. This last task is the objective of the research.

Thesis are available on many topics related to the design of new energy efficient networks. Topics include:

* in cellular systems: design of dynamic planning schemes that try to reduce energy consumption at the access network by dynamically changing the radio coverage based on the actual traffic needs; for example, under low traffic conditions, some cells may be switched off, and their radio coverage provided by neighboring cells. (knowledge of cellular technologies are requested).
* for local access: design and evaluation of adaptive bit rate schemes that use low bit-rates (that correspond to low energy consumption) whenever possible.
* core network issues: investigation of routing schemes that allow that some portion are switched off when traffic is low.

Note Short theses are also available. Topics include collection of information about energy consumption of different network devices and review of the literature about specific aspects.

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