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Descrizione According to many studies, in the next few years we will assist to the explosion of the market of high quality video distribution over Internet (IPTV). IPTV services can be provided either exploiting IP multicast functionalities or relying on a pure end-to-end (P2P) approach. The first approach, unfortunately, will only work on a network infrastructure controlled by a single broadband operator due to limitations of IP multicast facilities. On the contrary, the P2P approach has been successfully exploited to overcome these limits and can potentially offer a scalable planetary infrastructure.. These same potentialities of P2P-TV systems constitute a fear for network carriers since the traffic they generate may potentially grow without control, causing a strong degradation of quality of service perceived by Internet users or even the network collapse . The TNG group at Politecnico is leading the NAPA-WINE project, a large international project founded by the European Community, comprising 11 international academic and industrial institutions (among which France Telecom, NEC, ENST-Paris, Technical University of Budapest). The main goal of the project are:

* providing a careful analysis of the impact that a large deployment of both general P2P-TV and P2P-HQTV services may have on the Internet, through an in deep characterization of traffic they generate;
* providing guidelines for P2P-TV developers regarding the design of systems that minimize the impact on the underlying transport network while optimizing the user perceived quality;
* providing a roadmap for Internet Providers to better exploit the network bandwidth by showing simple and minimum cost actions that can be taken in presence of P2P-TV traffic.
* developinga software library containing many of the algorithms studied within the project

Within the NAPA-WINE project, several opportunities for both experimental and theoretical Laurea's Thesis are possible.

Conoscenze richieste Minimum average grade: 27

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