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Detection and field estimation through wireless sensor networks



Riferimenti esterni Alessandro Nordio (CNR)

Gruppi di ricerca Telecommunication Networks Group


Descrizione Wireless sensor networks find applications in several different fields, including environmental monitoring, pollution and contamination control, production lines management. Sensor networks are composed of many communication nodes equipped with a sensor board, so as to detect relevant physical phenomena (also called fields) in the operational environment. Sensors are typically powered through small batteries and are, therefore, characterized by limited energy resources; furthermore they often feature small memories and poor processing capabilities. It follows that it is of fundamental importance to develop network solutions that address these shortcomings and allow to provide the desired quality of service. The most widespread network topology includes numerous sensor nodes deployed over the geographical area of interest, which transfer their measurements to one or more central controllers, called sink nodes. The sensors as well as the sink nodes may be stationary or mobile, and one or more sinks may act as gateways to other networks (such as the Internet).

The research topics of greatest relevance are the following:
* The estimation of the physical field under monitoring, i.e., the assessment of the quality of the field which is sampled by the sensors and reconstructed at the sink nodes. This study requires analytical techniques for evaluating various reconstruction methods, starting from a set of samples that are irregularly spaced. Of special interest are also techniques for distributed estimation, carried out first within limited geographical areas and then extended to the whole field under monitoring.
* Study of the reliability level of a sensor networks for events detection (e.g., fire detections, machine faults, etc.). These networks are assumed to use the Zigbee/IEEE 802.15.4 technology at the MAC layer. This activity includes both an analytical and a simulation-based study.

Conoscenze richieste Some knowledge of wireless ad hoc networks. For the analytical study, a sound mathematical knowledge is also required. For simulation-based activities, it is useful to have good skills in Matlab or C programming

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