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Studio della Chimica di Superficie di nanoparticelle di polimeri di coordinazione

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Riferimenti esterni GUARI Yannick, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Equipe CMOS, Montpellier, Francia

Gruppi di ricerca Surface chemistry & reactivity of materials


Descrizione Context : During the last decade a new type of nanoparticles has been synthesized, so-called molecular-based nanoparticles. They are now increasingly studied because of their intrinsic properties, peculiarities of their synthesis and structures that make them interesting candidates for different kind of applications such as contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, biolabelling or efficient and selective decontamination materials for mobile radioactive elements. Among these nanoparticles, we are interested in the cyano-bridged coordination polymer nanoparticles that possess magnetic and/or luminescence properties. Up to now, only a few studies have be performed concerning the surface chemistry of this new kind of nanoparticles.
Framework : This master project is part of a collaboration between a research team at the Institute Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier and a research team of the Politecnico di Torino. The development of this research project implies different expertise, from the synthesis of nanoparticles to the characterization of the surface species and the study of magnetic and/or luminescence properties. The nanoparticles synthesis using different stabilizing agents and the magnetic and optical studies will be performed in Montpellier, whereas the surface study will be performed in Torino.
Objectives : Gain fundamental knowledge of the surface chemistry of cyano-bridged coordination polymer nanoparticles so that we can correlate to their magnetic or luminescent properties is the main objective of this project. In order to do so, cyano-bridged coordination polymers will be elaborated through the reactions of self-assembly of molecular building blocks. Their surface state will be modified by using different stabilization modes i.e. electrostatic, steric or both in solutions. The elaboration of such kind of nanoparticles on various supports may be also considered. A surface state study of these nanoparticles will be performed by using appropriate vibrational spectroscopies methodologies. Meantime, a detailed study of their magnetic and optical properties will be done with the aim of being able to correlate the modification of these properties depending on the surface state of the nanoparticles.

Vedi anche  master proposal_montpellier_onida.doc  http://www.icgm.fr/ ; http://www.dismic.polito.it/it/personale/scheda/%28nominativo%29/barbara.onida

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