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Design of ultra-low-power conditioning circuit for sensors


Reference persons FLAVIO CANAVERO

External reference persons Andrea Figura

Research Groups EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Description Context:
Energy harvesting is the process by which energy is derived from external sources (e.g. solar power, EM power, thermal energy, wind energy, etc ...), captured, and stored for supplying small devices.
Energy-harvesting technologies are fundamental in enabling the realization of ‘‘zero-power’’ wireless sensors, but the overall power consumption of the system must be well controlled. One critical aspect is the optimization and the reduction of the power needed by the sensor's conditioning circuitry in such a way to allow true ‘zero-power’’ wireless sensors.

The aim of this project is to investigate the possible techniques that can lead to a low power consumption of the conditioning circuit of the most common type of sensors (i.e. pressure, temperature, humidity, illuminance, etc …) for applications where the power supply of the sensor itself is taken from harvested energy.

The development of the project will start with the analysis of the state-of-the-art concerning the design of conditioning circuits. After this preliminary part the student will go through the actual design of an ultra-low-power conditioning circuit for energy harvested power supply. Depending on how the project will be developed there might be the possibility to manufacture a board to verify the design.

Required skills The candidate should be a student preferably from a master degree in electrical or electronic engineering. Knowledge of basic laboratory instrumentation and basic analog design is needed.

Deadline 25/05/2015      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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