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End-user visualization of trigger-action rules in a smart home


Riferimenti FULVIO CORNO

Riferimenti esterni Luigi De Russis

Gruppi di ricerca Intelligent and Interactive Systems - e-LITE

Tipo tesi RICERCA

Descrizione A considerable amount of research has been carried out towards enabling average users to customize their smart homes through trigger-action (“if... then...”) programming. Various interfaces and solutions have been proposed, ranging from mobile to web applications, and from traditional, point-and-click interaction to tangible approaches. However, inhabitants of such smart environments keep having problems in understanding, administering, troubleshooting, and deriving benefits from the technologies employed in their homes. Moreover, some personalization rules programmed by one inhabitant can be confusing or challenging for the others, especially in the moment in which they are executed.

The goal of this thesis is to design and develop a graphical interface for visualizing, in the best possible way, such trigger-action rules to less technical inhabitants of a smart home. For the design phase, we envision two steps: an empirical study (like a survey or a questionnaire) to identify the most suitable format to display such personalization rules; consequently, the design of the software application that, starting from the identified descriptive format, will visualize the rules with an adequate metaphor (e.g., calendar item, text, graph, etc.). The application will be, then, developed as a web or mobile application. The work will be validated with real users and the outcome of the thesis, if satisfying, will be made freely available as an Open Source project.

Vedi anche  http://elite.polito.it/index.php/thesis/offers/270-rules-visualization

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