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Event-driven dispatcher for the Internet of Things


Reference persons FULVIO CORNO

External reference persons Luigi De Russis, Teodoro Montanaro

Research Groups Intelligent and Interactive Systems - e-LITE

Thesis type RESEARCH

Description In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, we are under a constant stream of messages, coming from various "smart objects" (e.g., thermostats, washing machines, weather stations, activity trackers, drink trackers) and from different services and Social Network (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.). All these notifications may be interesting by themselves, but taken together they risk to be a constant distraction and annoyance. Moreover, they compete to have our attention and they arrive on all their "supported platforms": a smartphone and/or a tablet with a proper app installed, an open website and/or a desktop application, etc.

This thesis aims at bringing order to this situation, at least partially. Depending on the type or source of the notification, the system to be realized in this work should be able to dispatch each incoming notification to one or more devices in the most adequate way: a text notification on a smartphone or a tablet, a sound or voice message for a connected hi-fi, a colored light for a connected lamp, etc. The overall system, therefore, should be able to process multiple notifications coming in a uniform way and send them to the correct device(s), according to some preferences set from the user. By acting on the receiving device, the user should be able to signal the dispatcher if he/she appreciated or ignored the notification, thus allowing the dispatcher to implicitly know his/her preferences for that specific notification.
If possible, the work will be validated with real users and the outcome of the thesis, if satisfying, will be made freely available as an Open Source project.

See also  http://elite.polito.it/index.php/thesis/offers/272-event-driven-dispatcher-for-the-internet-of-things

Deadline 25/02/2016      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA