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Mobile-edge computing and virtual RAN toward 5G networks

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Riferimenti esterni Dario Sabella, Telecom Italia Spa

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Descrizione At the end of 2014, ETSI standardization body created Mobile-Edge Computing (MEC) Industry Specification Group (ISG), which has attracted several members and participant organizations, including network operators, vendors, technology suppliers and Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers. Mobile-edge Computing provides IT and cloud-computing capabilities within the Radio Access Network (RAN) in close proximity to mobile subscribers. Located at the base station or at the Radio Network Controller, it also provides access to real-time radio and network information such as subscriber location or cell load that can be exploited by applications and services to offer context-related services. For application developers and content providers, the RAN edge offers a service environment characterized by proximity, ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth, as well as real-time access to radio network information and location awareness. In addition, the future implementation of virtual RAN can be a valuable catalyst to accelerate the adoption of MEC systems, thanks to the presence of a more open environment where radio network information can be retrieved from the eNB in LTE networks.

In this context MEC paradigm and virtual RAN implementations has received recently a lot of attention from telecommunication operators: the goal of this thesis is to study in a first phase the MEC concept and different deployment options, analyze current state of the art of the technology (i.e. open environments for RAN virtualization and for MEC implementations). In a second phase it is foreseen a possible proof-of-concept implementation, potentially by exploiting open source projects and virtualization environments studied in the first phase. In addition, depending on the candidate skills even an implementative work at application level with a commercial terminal could be envisaged.

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Note Knowledge and experience in C/C++ and Java programming. Knowledge of Linux, OpenStack, Android and LTE is a plus

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