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Multipurpose polymer electrolytes for energy devices


Reference persons CLAUDIO GERBALDI

External reference persons Jijeesh R. Nair (Post-Doc)

Research Groups Electrochemistry Research


Description Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive. An infinite, cheap and environmentally friendly energy is an oasis of the future along with an infinite, cheap and safe storage device. The life will be in harmony if the energy production and storage is completely supported by a green and sustainable process. Moving towards sustainable energy and using it efficiently makes sense in a resource constrained global economy. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves productivity. By reducing the overall energy demand, improved efficiency also makes renewable energy more affordable.
Considering the whole scenario and the motives of the scientific society, we have tried our best to achieve or control some of the important parameters that could lead to the sustainable development of lithium based batteries and other energy power sources. Polymer electrolyte membranes are prepared by a rapid UV-induced photo-polymerization process, that leads to the formation of soft 3D networks which can effectively retain the liquid electrolyte solution and showing excellent performances in different energy devices.

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