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Green Cellular Networks


Riferimenti MICHELA MEO

Gruppi di ricerca Telecommunication Networks Group

Descrizione The scientific focus of the research concerns Energy-Efficient Networks, or green networks, i.e., networks that are designed and operated with the goal of low power consumption, without sacrificing the traditional performance parameters.

Focusing on cellular networks, the research focuses on techniques to make the networks energy efficient with the twofold objective to make them sustainable and to reduce operational costs.
The investigated scenario considers the case of Base Stations (BSs) of cellular access networks that are powered with renewable energy sources consisting in solar panels and batteries. Supply through the power grid can also coexist with renewable energy generation.

Thesis are available on this topic and include:

- In the scenario of heterogeneous networks with micro and macro BSs, investigate by simulation the use of BS sleep modes to reduce energy consumption. Wheneven the traffic is low, some BSs can be put to sleep mode. In some cases, when WiFi access is present, traffic might be offloaded to WiFi.

- In case of no power grid supply, investigate the possibility to reduce service provisioning (for example restricting services to voice connections, instead of voice and data) when energy is very low.

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