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Design of lightweight gears to be realised by additive manufacturing techniques

estero Thesis abroad


Reference persons FRANCESCA MARIA CURA'

External reference persons Andrea Mura

Research Groups 18-Progettazione e sperimentazione di organi di trasmissione


Description Lightweight gears are used in those applications where weight reduction is a key factor. In particular, these kind of gears (often known as thin rim gears) are widely used in aerospace industry and nowadays in automotive industry in the development of electric vehicles.
To produce thin rim gears, a lot of material have to be removed by classical machining techniques, with related high costs and production time. For this reason the use of the new additive manufacturing techniques seems to be promising to produce this kind of gears.
Gear geometry has to be optimised in order to better exploit all the advantages of additive manufacturing techniques. This means to find brand new wheel shapes, especially for the zone under the rim.
These new geometries of wheels have to be well studied and designed in order to guarantee the proper static, dynamic and fatigue behaviour.
Moreover, lightweight gears used in aerospace field need accurate design to avoid catastrophic failures; for that reason the design of the gear geometry is very important.
The aim of this thesis is to investigate new wheel geometries to produce lightweight gears by means of additive manufacturing techniques. A part of this activity should be done in Bordeaux (France) in collaboration with our University partner.

Required skills Machine design

Deadline 30/06/2018      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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