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Design, development and integration of an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) for flight simulators

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons RICCARDO SISTO



Description The Leonardo aircraft (ITS) simulation department, in order to continue the synergy with the university, will give an opportunity to a student to realize an idea in a highly professional environment. The aim of the thesis is the design, development and integration of an interactive management station for a flight simulator.
The thesis will start spending a period in the company in order to learn what the IOS means and how it is used. Afterwards, a requirements analysis will be done in close collaboration with flight instructor pilots, instructors maintainers (runner engine, avionics), research staff and aircraft designers. Human factor and ergonomic are also crucial aspects not to be underestimated, in fact the IOS shall be clear, simple and intuitive, to allow a quick instructor interaction with the simulator functionalities. Then the student will have to check the products already available on the market, assessing the positive and negative aspects, to be used as a benchmark for proceeding with a rapid requirement definition phase. Downstream of these activities, the requirements for IOS for flight simulation will be fixed and formalized.
At this point the student can define the architecture for a brand new IOS prototype to be integrated on a flight simulator. The student will have a wide choice of software tools already available in the company and may also propose other software considered more appropriate for the subject of the thesis.
Due to the Real Time applications used in flight simulation, the preferred operating system is Linux. For some dedicated applications, Microsoft Windows may still be identified as the best solution. The development tools commonly used in ITS are based on QT and Visual Studio, while the compilers (in addition to Microsoft compilers) are those offered by the GNU scene. The software architecture shall take into account the possible target hardware platform (from professional workstation to the latest generation of tablet).
The new developed IOS will be integrated on a Leonardo aircraft simulator.
A final presentation of the developed concept will be done at the presence of the involved managers.
Except for the first period, which require a close interaction with the company experts, the student will have the opportunity to continue the thesis outside the company (at home, university).
A company tutor will manage the activity in the company coordinating the necessary logistical support.
All technological choices will be the result of sharing between business needs and the training of the student, always under the academic supervision.

See also  presentazione_ios.pdf 

Required skills Advanced Programming, Javascript language

Deadline 12/10/2017      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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