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Research proposal on Linear position sensors applied to magnetodynamic actuators

azienda Thesis in external company    

keywords SENSORS

Reference persons ALBERTO VALLAN

External reference persons Ing. Ricci, Roj srl, Biella

Research Groups Low frequency measurement group

Description The scope of this work is, after carrying out a survey on parameters and possible measurement principles in order to choose the best solution, the realization of some working prototypes of a linear position sensor:
-Maximum stroke: between 1 cm and few cm
-Mass of the sensor: < 0.01kg
- Friction (static&dynamic) force required from the actuator: the disturbing force must be <10cN (contactless is better)
Resolution: about 0.1 mm
Repeatability: about 0.1 mm
Max acceleration: (estimated) 250 m/s2
Max speed (estimated) 4 m/s
Temperature range: operative from 0C to 80C

Deadline 28/11/2017      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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