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Electromagnetic modeling of large and complex structures


Reference persons FRANCESCA VIPIANA

External reference persons Prof. D. R. Wilton, University of Houston, US; Dr. Javier Rivero, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain.

Research Groups Applied Electromagnetics


Description Surface integral equations have emerged as the dominant technology for electromagnetic modeling of large and complex structures such as naval, aerospace, satellite, and antenna structures with unknowns confined to body surfaces. For such problems, the accurate evaluation of singular integrals is critical. Even more crucial, however, are periodic and/or layered media problems, where the Green’s function calculation costs per sample point are often hundreds of times that for homogeneous media, and efficient methods with good accuracy are essential.

In this Thesis the application of the surface divergence theorem will be investigated to obtain a novel formula for the 4-D reaction integrals in the moment method solution of surface integral equations . The approach, to be developed within the proposed Thesis, is clearly novel and it is expected to become the “gold standard” in such evaluations, since it can achieve close to machine epsilon precision with a reasonable number of kernel evaluations.

The Thesis will be in collaboration with Prof. D. R. Wilton, University of Houston, US (http://ethw.org/Donald_R._Wilton).

Required skills - MS students in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent
- Experience with main programming languages (Matlab /Fortran/C/C++)
- Basic knowledge of EM fields
- Good knowledge of linear algebra and linear systems

Deadline 12/04/2021      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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